According to research by the
American Association of Retired Persons (AARP),
nearly 90 percent of seniors want to stay
in their own homes as they age.

Why Home Care?

Avail Home Care - We Care for Your Loved One Like Our Own

It can be difficult deciding on care options for a loved one. It’s especially hard if you have to make those decisions when the one you love is sick or hurting. At Avail Home Care, we’re prepared to help you navigate these difficult decisions as a family, whether your loved one needs that care immediately or you’re looking ahead to the future.

We know that most adult children or spouses cannot provide full-time caregiving services for their loved ones, either because they’re juggling too many other family responsibilities, or because their loved ones’ medical needs have grown beyond their capacity. We also understand that you want your loved ones to have the care they need without compromising their dignity or independence. That’s where home care can provide a comfortable alternative to a facility such as assisted living or a nursing home.

There are essentially two types of care that your loved one can be provided within the home:

  • Home care (also known as personal care)
  • Home health care

Home Care

Home Care or Personal Care services are what’s needed when a loved one requires assistance or supervision of home duties such as daily routines, meals, grooming, mobility, transportation, companionship, and more. Your loved one will be able to live in the comfort of their own home while also keeping their independence with the help of a licensed, certified caregiver. Not only will they have the help they require, but they will also be able to do all the things they love to do that would otherwise be compromised in a nursing home; eat meals of their choosing, engage in the activities they enjoy, spend time outdoors in the comfort of their own backyard, invite friends and family over for visits or the holidays, and most importantly, sleep in their own bed.

Choosing home care means peace of mind for everyone. At Avail Home care we’re dedicated to open communication and participation with the entire family. A referred caregiver is much more than a home aid, he or she is a trusted companion who is committed to the health, comfort, and safety of your loved one.

Home Health Care

Home health care is what’s needed when a loved one needs medical care in addition to assistance with activities of daily living. Examples can include administration of medications, provision of therapeutic services such as physical or speech therapy, or management of wounds. In cases where home health care is needed, Avail Home Care can refer a licensed, certified nurse (LPN or RN) to ensure that your loved one can receive the medical supervision and therapies that are needed in the comfort of their own home.

Home Care vs. Assisted Living or Nursing Home Care

With the majority of seniors wishing to live out their lives at home, in-home care services have become a growing option in the last few decades. Home care is an affordable and dignified form of elderly, post surgery, chronic condition, and special needs care. Instead of needs being met within an assisted living facility or hospital, elderly individuals can be cared for in their home by trained and certified aides or provided medical attention by a registered nurse.

Other alternatives to care require your loved one to move from home, receive care by multiple individuals and have limited access to family support. With Avail Home Care, our caregivers can provide a number of services to ensure that your loved one is comfortable, safe, and treated with compassion. Not only is home care an option for aging seniors that require care from at home, home care is also a great option for individuals that need to recover from surgery, have special needs, or live with chronic conditions. Caregivers are available for both long-term and short-term home care engagements. So, whether you need help for a few short months or years to come, you have the option to have your loved one’s needs met from home.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal as a licensed nurse registry is to help senior or debilitated individuals find caregivers who can cater affordable home careto their overall well-being, comfort, and happiness. We endeavor to achieve this goal by offering referrals of the area’s most affordable home care through experienced, trustworthy, and compassionate caregivers to families that cannot provide full-time care for aging, post surgery, chronically ill, or special needs loved ones themselves.

We believe that compassionate senior home care is important to change the stigma of aging. Your loved one deserves to live a full life even after the years they were capable of taking care of themselves, and affordable home care is the way to offer this life of contentedness.

Affordable Home Care Services

An in-home caregiver referred by Avail Home Care is more affordable than you may expect. Although home care is mainly preferred by elderly individuals, other options affordable home careincluding assisted living may be even more costly. We know that home care is a needed service that is desired by most aging individuals, and as such, it can be made affordable through a caregiver referred by Avail Home Care.

Additionally, we understand that each family has its own sets of needs, hopes, and desires for their loved one’s care. So, we work with you and your loved one to identify their specific needs to identify and refer a caregiver that will be the best possible fit. This dedication to customer satisfaction will allow your loved one to be referred to the caregiver that is best suited for that task at hand; making sure your loved one has dignity, respect, and independence during this stage of their life.
Whether you need short term, long term, full time, or part-time care services, our mission is to refer you a caregiver that is able to meet your loved one’s schedule, medical needs, and companionship requests right where they are most comfortable; their own home.

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