At Avail Home Care, We Are Innovating What It Means to Care.

Our Mission

When you decide that you or a loved one needs some support at home, the first thing you’re going to do is search the internet for information.affordable home care Unfortunately, much of what you find will be confusing and homogeneous.

That’s why we haven’t spent a lot of time telling you that we will find you the most caring caregivers or that we’ll make sure that you or your loved one is safe.

Because that should be a given. Any company offering home care SHOULD at the very least provide qualified, caring caregivers and a focus on the safety and well-being of their clients. But touting that as what your company will do is like saying, “Isn’t it great that our tire company actually replaces customers’ tires when they paid us to do it?!? What a great company!”

I’m not comparing caring for a human to changing a tire, by the way; I’m just illustrating the point that all home care should be safe and caring. That’s the core of your service.

What sets companies apart, and Avail in particular, is an understanding of what customers want and need that goes beyond those basic fundamentals.

At Avail, we like to say (and live) that we are “innovating what it means to care.” It’s our North Star, the guiding principal that keeps us on track with our business decisions.

Here is what we mean by that:

    Caring means putting clients’ needs first, and always being honest with them about their options.
    Caring means communicating the right information to the right person(s) at the right time(s).
    Caring means educating clients and their families about the senior care journey and ecosystem so that they can make the best choices for themselves.
    Caring means handling administrative tasks in a manner that’s frictionless for clients and caregivers.
    Caring means providing easy, secure ways for critical information to flow.
    • Caring means supporting a talented and committed roster of caregivers with respect and ongoing opportunities to grow.
If you are interested in a caregiver referral, feel free to contact us

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