Why Caregivers
Love Avail

People have many career choices today.

Those who choose to become caregivers do it because they care about people. Few of them choose to become caregivers because they want to do a bunch of paperwork. What Avail promises the caregivers who choose to join our roster is:

Matching & Scheduling

We will do our utmost to increase your access to “dream clients,” those whose needs, personalities, and programs of care match with your preferences and availability. 

Compliance Support

We will help you to keep up with your state and federal licensure, training requirements, and reporting requirements.

Finances & Paperwork

We manage all of the invoicing and payment collection and will support communication with your clients around pricing and issues such as overtime and holiday pay.

Special Perks

In addition, we provide access to daily pay/pay advance options, training and education (maintain your CEUs), and recognition and bonuses for exceptional professionalism, client referrals, and caregiver referrals.

Interested in working for Avail?