Our Team

Chad Fisher

Vice President

Chad Fisher, a native Floridian, knows what service looks like. He joined the Army in 1993 where he trained to be an M1A1 tank driver and later drove the 1st tank deployed to Somalia, Africa after the infamous Blackhawk helicopter crash.

Chad completed his duties as a decorated soldier, moved home to Florida, and opened a business to pursue his passion for classic car restoration. During this time Chad’s grandfather, with whom he was very close, passed away. This had a huge impact on him and ignited his desire to engage with our senior population, many of whom had been purchasers of his lovingly restored cars. As Chad began to connect with the stories of seniors in our community, his desire to serve those individuals grew until he joined his family in founding Avail Home Care.

Chad and his wife Ashlie live in Clearwater with their 2 young boys. Chad still enjoys working with cars as well as spending time with his family.

Avail Home Care Director - Care Service Area 6 - Jesse Malin



Jesse was immersed in the world of senior care from a young age.  Shortly after graduation from high school, Jesse’s mother was suffering from the effects of a rare neurological disorder.  Jesse made it his personal mission to understand all the resources available to his mom and figure out how to provide the best quality of care.

Jesse attended Cornell University as an undergrad and decided to continue his education at the University of Tampa.  Before graduating with a Masters in Entrepreneurship, Jesse met the team at Avail and immediately was drawn to their passion for senior living.  Jesse joined Avail and hopes to expand their reach and services so as many seniors as possible can benefit from his experience.

Jesse is married to his wife Alyssa Malin who is a Family Nurse Practitioner. They have a two year old daughter.

Alyssa Malin - Nurse Practitioner - Avail Home Care

Alyssa Malin


Alyssa Malin is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner.  She is a native to Tampa, Florida and attended the University of South Florida for both her undergraduate and graduate studies.

She began her nursing career as a Registered Nurse working in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Tampa General Hospital.  Her experience working with patients in the acute setting fueled her passion for preventative medicine and primary care.

Alyssa has a keen understanding of the needs of a diverse patient population. Her approach to patient care is all encompassing – she values the medical, social and psychological components of healthcare.

Her goal in practice is to keep patients out of the acute setting and in their homes – healthy and happy.  She loves getting to know patients and their families and has been an excellent resource for patients, caregivers and staff at Avail.


Certified Home Caregiver Professionals

Avail Home Care Caregivers Provider Personal Care in the Comfort of Your HomeWhen you engage someone to provide home care for a cherished family member, you need to know that the caregiver possesses integrity and compassion, as well as all necessary qualifications and certifications.

At Avail Home Care, we treat your family like they are a part of ours by referring only the highest-quality caregivers who’ve proven their honesty, capability, and passion for the job. To protect you and your loved ones, all caregivers in our network are fully screened, licensed, and insured and must pass an FBI-Level 2 background check before they’re eligible to be referred. In addition, all caregivers are certified in CPR, have received either their HHA (home health care) certification and/or their CNA (certified nursing assistant) license, and have a minimum of at least two years experience in providing home health care. Finally, all caregivers also undergo a complete physical, a tuberculosis screening and a thorough personal and professional reference check.